Nice to meet you.

Troy Lingelbach grew up surrounded by nature in San Diego, California, never afraid of sharing his artistic voice. From making up shows with his sister, competing in gymnastics, winning essay and art contests, and performing in community theatre productions, he has always loved performing.

Troy moved to the Big Apple to pursue a higher education in the arts and to follow his performance dreams. He went to Marymount Manhattan College, where he studied Musical Theatre, Philosophy, and Hispanic Studies, and was called a true “Renaissance Man” by professors. An artist and philosopher of many interests, Troy loves when theatre breaks boundaries, causes people to think, and inspires change: living by Cesar Cruz's belief that "Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable."

Troy is currently living and working in Brooklyn, NY as an actor, singer, dancer, and aerial performer/instructor.  

When he's not training or rehearsing, you can probably catch Troy out and about, lost in a museum or trying to find the best ice cream and gluten free snacks NY has to offer.